• Why porcelain tiles requires particular toughness for residential applications
    Porcelain tiles are one of the most versatile and hard-wearing tile flooring styles available. Like in Phoenix, Arizona, for example, this style is now gaining more and more popularity for its particular toughness when installed in residential homes. Porcelain is made from pure clay and minerals that are shaped by dry pressing and being heated at extremely high temperatures. This makes it harder, stronger, and more durable than other natural stones such as granite. If you are thinking of going through porcelain tile installation in your home, then it helps to know the following advantages you'll get from picking porcelain tile:

    Among popular tile flooring styles when choosing tile flooring in Phoenix, porcelain tile is chosen for its immensely strong and durable qualities. So much so that the chances of it chipping or cracking
    Nov 10, 2017
  • The comparison of porcelain tile vs ceramic tile represents yet another instance of luxury
    Porcelain and ceramic are two interchangeable tile materials that most people confuse. The two, in fact, have some differences between them. While it might seem like it is a good idea, for example, to buy discount ceramic tile in Phoenix in place of discount porcelain tile in Phoenix, this is not the case. Both tiles have their own strengths and weaknesses. It helps to know what makes the two distinct from each other before you look for discount tile in Phoenix or discount flooring in Phoenix. Below is a comparison between porcelain and ceramic:

    Although you might mistake discount ceramic tile in Phoenix for discount porcelain tile in Phoenix for their looks while looking for discount flooring, the two of them are made differently. Porcelain tiles are made from white natural clay that is very dense. Finely ground sand is also
    Nov 08, 2017
  • How porcelain tile flooring can help accent your home
    Tile flooring installation brings incomparable beauty to your home. Compared to other tile flooring, porcelain tile flooring is more dense, less porous, much harder and less prone to moisture and stain absorption. Porcelain tile patterns and designs can give an elegant and striking decor to any room in your home. Our design consultants have studied modern porcelain tile flooring to create new ambiance with a cutting-edge design to create a trendy and stylish home.

    Porcelain tile flooring installation will make your flooring resistant to stains, odors, bacteria, scratches, and scuffs. Apart from this, porcelain tile flooring is:

    - Denser and harder than any other surface
    - Highly stain and water resistant
    - Naturally hygienic that can be smooth, textured and polished
    - Easy to clean and maintain
    - Beautiful and durable
    - Suitable for both
    Oct 10, 2017
  • Why is ceramic tile gaining popularity for both residential and commercial uses?
    Tile Flooring Phoenix specializes in allowing our customers to look at our large variety of ceramic flooring from the comfort of their home or office. Tile Stores Phoenix relieves you of all the stress and concerns by offering great discounts and installation costs into one price.

    Ceramic tile flooring has gained immense popularity among both residential and commercial owners because of its varied designs and resistant properties. For instance, ceramic tile flooring is water resistant and stain resistant. Glazed ceramic tiles have a protective layer that adds on that resistance to water and stains. This layer makes glazed ceramic tile flooring a good option in kitchens and bathrooms.

    The quality, designs, and styles of ceramic tiles available at Tile Flooring Phoenix are unique and affordable. Ceramic tiles can be cut and shaped into
    Sep 25, 2017
  • Make a grand entrance with travertine tile floors
    If you want visitors to you home to experience a grand entrance when they walk in the door, travertine tile flooring can give just the striking appearance necessary. Travertine tile flooring is just the way to give the porch, walkway or the entrance a warm welcome to all your visitors. It is a way to add a wow factor to your flooring. Tile Flooring Phoenix offers discount travertine tile in Phoenix that offers designs that can be successfully used almost everywhere where tiling fits.

    Travertine tile flooring offers the unique combination of a rustic, sophisticated and authentic look, fitting to both modern and traditional houses. Here are some benefits to travertine:

    It has timeless appeal
    Travertine tile floors have a beauty and appeal that is hard to match. With light shades of gray, white and gold, you can give your entrance the most
    Sep 19, 2017