• How porcelain tile flooring can help accent your home

    Tile flooring installation brings incomparable beauty to your home. Compared to other tile flooring, porcelain tile flooring is more dense, less porous, much harder and less prone to moisture and stain absorption. Porcelain tile patterns and designs can give an elegant and striking decor to any room in your home. Our design consultants have studied modern porcelain tile flooring to create new ambiance with a cutting-edge design to create a trendy and stylish home.

    Porcelain tile flooring installation will make your flooring resistant to stains, odors, bacteria, scratches, and scuffs. Apart from this, porcelain tile flooring is:

    - Denser and harder than any other surface
    - Highly stain and water resistant
    - Naturally hygienic that can be smooth, textured and polished
    - Easy to clean and maintain
    - Beautiful and durable
    - Suitable for both residential and commercial applications

    Our design consultants have remarkable knowledge about the most innovative porcelain tile designs and patterns that will be a great addition to the decor of your home. Our design consultants have come up with the following creative ideas with porcelain tile flooring installation:

    Wood look porcelain tiles

    Tile Flooring Phoenix has a large selection of wood patterned porcelain tiles that are the new alternative to wood. Tile Flooring Phoenix has a variety of natural tones from light oak to dark, and the finished look of these appear to be same as wooden floors.

    Stone look porcelain tiles

    Tile Flooring Phoenix also has a large selection of porcelain tile flooring that gives off the old look of stone while being lightweight, stain resistant and easy to maintain. There are many color options available from ivory to black with rough to smooth finishes.

    Marble look porcelain tiles

    Marble flooring is one the most elegant and luxury flooring options, but it has a high installation cost. Tile Flooring Phoenix can provide the same upscale look with porcelain tiles that are easier to maintain and more durable at a cheaper price.

    Travertine look porcelain tiles

    Porcelain tile designs and patterns can give off the look of travertine’s natural appearance and are also available in many colors such as pale beige, red, brown, and white. This type of porcelain tile flooring is best for bathroom backsplashes, kitchen countertops, and other moisture-prone areas.

    If you are looking to go through tile flooring installation, we can help with that as well. We include tile flooring installation costs into our final estimated price during a free in-home estimate.
    Oct 10, 2017
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