• How To Protect And Clean Porcelain Tiles

    There are various types of porcelain tiles available for homes. Porcelain tiles improve your house décor and are water resistant, making them a good option for kitchens and bathrooms.

    Cleaning and maintaining porcelain tiles requires a bit of effort. That is because porcelain tiles are much stronger compared to other tiles. Porcelain tiles are finished in a kiln at a much higher temperature than average ceramic tiles.

    Once porcelain tile installation is finished, all you need to worry about is maintaining them. There are different types of porcelain tiles and it is important to understand the differences in each type.

    The most common types of porcelain tiles are:
    1. Textured porcelain tile
    These are highly textured. They imitate stone and are mainly used for external walls of a house.

    2. Double charged porcelain tile
    These porcelain tiles can be polished, glazed or of a matte finish. The process of manufacturing these tiles involves the fusion of two types of clay, which in turn create the unique design and color.

    3. Unglazed porcelain tile
    These raw porcelain tiles are produced in a natural form immediately after being baked in the kiln.

    4. Glazed porcelain tile
    These are treated by applying glaze after being baked in a kiln. These glazed tiles are much stronger than unglazed tiles. These tiles are extremely water resistant because of the glass-like composition.

    Since each type of tile differs in their composition, each one requires a different type of maintenance.

    Protecting and cleaning textured porcelain tiles
    1. Clean your floor with a soft bristle broom.
    2. Mop the floor with a mild cleaning detergent.
    3. Finish off with wiping with clean water.

    Protecting and cleaning glazed tiles
    1. Use a simple soft broom to clean the surface of the porcelain tile.
    2. Use any cleaning solution available in the market if you notice any stains.
    3. Wipe the floor with hot water mop after applying any of the cleaning solutions.

    Protecting and cleaning unglazed porcelain tiles
    1. Use a dry dust mop to clean the surface.
    2. Try using a mild cleaning detergent to wash any stains.
    3. Do not allow any cleaning solution to stay on your tiles for more than 10 minutes because it destroys the finish.
    4. After wiping the floor, make sure to dry the floor thoroughly so that no water stains are left on the surface.

    Protecting and cleaning double charged porcelain tiles
    1. Porcelain tile maintenance requires sweeping and vacuuming at least two times a week.
    2. Do not use steel wool to clean double charged porcelain tiles
    3. Clean up any spill right away.
    4. Do not use any ammonia or bleach because both can fade your tiles.
    5. Ensure that your furniture does not scratch the surface of the tiles after porcelain tile installation.

    Keep these tips in mind when trying to maintain any of these types of porcelain after porcelain tile installation. There is no point in going through porcelain tile installation if you do not clean and maintain your tiles.
    May 12, 2017
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