• Learn the Latest Fashions in Tile Flooring

    Tile flooring has taken over the market and is found in almost every home today. With trends constantly changing, it can be hard to keep up with the latest tile trends. If you are in Phoenix, Arizona, here’s what you need to know about tile installation, tile flooring and all the latest tile trends in the market today.

    1. The wood-look tile
    Wood-look tile has already been established as an overwhelming favorite in Phoenix tile flooring. In fact, this tile trend is getting better and better looking with each new product introduced. Reclaimed, painted and cross grain are some of the latest tile trends in the wood look tile fashion, and your local tile installation dealer in Phoenix can help you select the latest in tile trends.

    2. Smooth cement-look tile
    Like wood, cement isn’t a new style per se, but hitting the tile trend market with a force in Phoenix and other parts. Cement is a timeless fashion and isn’t going anywhere. It’s another one on the list of latest tile trends in Phoenix, and the process of cement look tile installation is not very different from other tile installations. You could pair cotto and concrete, and choose softer tones, making it suitable for different kinds of designs. The cement look is the latest trend in tile flooring as its trendiness crosses all boundaries in taste and design.

    3. Brick look tile
    Brick look tile is an option that is easier to maintain than actual brick, and the best part is that you get the same look and feel of real brick. Brick look tiling is making an entrance in flooring as one of the latest tile trends. Painted bricks are another trend in tiles, giving bricks a bright and fun look, thereby giving it a very contemporary feel. Although, rustic brick tile, that gives an old downtown loft look is still the more popular choice among the latest tile trends. The brick look tile is easy to maintain and the brick tile installation in Phoenix isn’t too hard on the pocket either, compared to authentic brick.

    4. Marble
    The high end look that marble provides is the dream for many, and that is just what the porcelain tile is ready to deliver. Porcelain is making the marble go where it has never gone before. It could be used on walls, floors, and mixed with other materials. The sky is the limit with this latest trend in tile flooring in Phoenix. The Calcutta marble tile, with its white background and grey veining, is another latest tile trend and is making its comeback in a big way.

    Whatever you style, need, or desire, tiles are the latest trend and even within tiles there are multiple styles trending that are just what you need to add that extra beauty to your home. If you’re in Phoenix, contact your local tile installer to get the inside info on all the latest trends and requirements, if you’re considering remodeling your home in Phoenix.
    Aug 03, 2016
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