• Porcelain: The most popular tile going now

    In today’s day and age, tile flooring installation is among the best things you can do for your house. When you are thinking of building a new home, adding a new room, or redesigning a room in your home or office, porcelain tile in Phoenix is worth considering. Discount ceramic tile in Phoenix and travertine tile in Phoenix have their advantages, but porcelain tile in Phoenix can create a truly unique, beautiful and popular experience. Porcelain tile flooring installation is a staple for all interior decorators as it is a wonderful material to build with, and its durability makes it the most efficient material as compared to others.

    Porcelain is the most popular because of the following reasons:

    Compared to other popular materials used to make floors and walls, porcelain tile is more reliable, robust, sturdy and has a longer life span. Porcelain tiles are made up of special clays and minerals and then heated at a very high temperature. This heating process makes these tiles more durable, harder, and denser.

    Fire resistance
    Porcelain tiles are fire proofed. They will neither burn nor produce smoke or any other toxic fumes. Thus, it is a safe material for any space.

    Repel moisture effectively
    The moisture absorption rate is very low compared to other tile options like travertine tile in Phoenix. It is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and other areas that come in contact with water.

    Can bear heavy traffic
    The durability that porcelain tile in Phoenix offers makes it an excellent choice for your floors. It can endure any amount of traffic and does not get damaged with daily wear and tear. Also, porcelain is scratch-resistant and withstands water spills, suitable to handle pet accidents and extreme wear and tear issues.

    Slip and frost resistant
    Porcelain tile flooring installation is done with a glaze that adds significant traction to avoid slips and falls. Because of this, it is perfect for exterior uses and withstands the harshness of winter too.

    Easy to maintain
    Keeping porcelain tile clean requires a simple mopping and sweeping. Also, any of the harsh products that contain chemicals cannot cause any stains on your flooring.

    Available in many colors and patterns
    Porcelain tile in Phoenix is available in many styles and patterns that can fit into any space inside or outside of your home. Also, there are many color options to choose from. Apart from this, porcelain tile flooring installation is the best as it doesn’t fade or change color even when exposed to direct sunlight.

    Porcelain tile flooring installation can last for decades. Whether you choose a discount ceramic tile in Phoenix, travertine tile in Phoenix or porcelain tile in Phoenix, Tile Flooring Phoenix offers the best deals on all products. With their selection of styles and shades in any type of tile, you will find something that will suit your taste, requirement and, most importantly, your budget too.
    Aug 23, 2017
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